Pinehurst Medical Clinic recognized by the American Heart Association for building a culture of health and well-being

December 4th, 2023

The American Heart Association, a global force for healthier lives for all, has awarded Pinehurst Medical Clinic (PMC) national silver level recognition for its commitments to employee health and well-being as measured in the Association’s 2023 Workforce Well-being Scorecard™.

The Scorecard brings together the latest research and insights from industry experts to help business leaders build a science-backed, employee-centric culture of health and well-being. The tool allows employers to evaluate how their policies and procedures compare to leading best practices in areas such as mental health support, addressing burnout, financial well-being, health equity considerations and more. Companies that complete the Scorecard receive a recognition level based on their alignment with established guidance, along with actionable strategies to support improvement and a dashboard to benchmark their progress against peer organizations.

In 2023, 492 organizations completed the Scorecard; 8% were recognized with an achievement level of platinum, 42% gold, 33% silver, 12% bronze, and 5% completer.

Since 1952, PMC has diligently worked to support its team members who dedicate their careers to living out the organization’s mission, vision and values. Over the years this support has evolved into PMC’s robust compensation package, completing yearly market analyses to ensure competitive compensation, and offering employee assistance programs, team member discounts, and retirement savings programs. It is of utmost importance to continue evaluating and adding resources that aid in the personal and professional goals of the organization’s team members. PMC is proud to have its efforts recognized for the fourth consecutive year by the American Heart Association’s Workforce Well-being Scorecard.

“At PMC our employees come first. The American Heart Association’s Workforce Well-being Scorecard helps us stay on top of the latest advancements in workforce health and well-being so we can create the best environment possible for our people and our business,” said Matt Bernosky, MBA, PMC HR director. “We are dedicated to building a culture that helps everyone thrive, both in and out of the workplace.”

Championing well-being, a healthy mind, heart and body for employees is good for their health and good for business outcomes. In general, healthy employees are more productive and use less sick time, and organizations who create a culture of health in the workplace can improve employee retention and organizational reputation. 1

The Workforce Well-being Scorecard is a free resource offered by the American Heart Association’s Well-being Works Better™ platform, which helps business leaders unleash the power of a healthy, happy workforce. Distinct from traditional wellness programs, Well-being Works Better empowers employers to champion the mental and physical health and well-being of their employees and provides actionable guidance to meet their organization’s unique needs. Participating employers also have the opportunity to be nationally recognized by the American Heart Association.

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About Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Pinehurst Medical Clinic is a recognized healthcare provider in the communities of Moore County, Lee County, Cumberland County, Chatham County and the surrounding six counties. Locally owned and managed, Pinehurst Medical Clinic offers a broad range of primary and specialty care services to the communities we serve. The physicians and healthcare team of professionals at Pinehurst Medical Clinic share a commitment to patient-centered care that is physician-led and utilizes the latest advances in medical technology. This combination of leading-edge medicine and deep compassion for the people we serve has been a hallmark of the Pinehurst Medical Clinic since 1952. Pinehurst Medical Clinic consists of over 140 providers, approximately 750 employees, and 17 locations.

1 Increase Productivity | Control Health Care Costs | Model | Workplace Health Promotion | CDC, Improve Morale & Organizational Reputation

| Control Health Care Costs | Model | Workplace Health Promotion | CDC