Serving Moore County for Over 60 Years

The year 2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the Pinehurst Medical Clinic. The Pinehurst Medical Clinic was a vision of Dr. Joseph Spurgeon Hiatt, Jr., who founded the Clinic with one idea in mind, “to give the people of Moore County and surrounding counties the best medical treatment available, anywhere.” Dr. Hiatt shared his expertise in medicine for many years prior to settling down in the Sandhills.

Born in Winston Salem, Hiatt was a 1935 graduate from Duke University and a 1940 graduate from Duke Medical School. He then went on to serve in the U.S. Army as a medical officer of the 65th General Hospital. This was the first mobile hospital unit. Later, Hiatt served in Great Britain and became a valued member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London. There he was awarded the Medical Citation for Distinguished Service with the European Theater of Operations.

Once discovering his home in the comforts of the Pines, his efforts made possible the donations which created the Waldrip Coronary Care Unit, the Reeves Cardiopulmonary Laboratory, the Kittridge Special Procedures Room and other improvements at Moore Regional Hospital. Hiatt also helped create a two-year associate degree program in respiratory therapy at Sandhills Community College. Hiatt was on staff at Moore Regional Hospital as Chief of Medicine Service and Chief of Inhalation Therapy. Later in 1982, a section of the new Critical Care Unit at Moore Regional was named the Hiatt Unit in honor of Dr. Hiatt and his devotion and support to the hospital.

Dr. Hiatt was involved with other hospitals and councils to better serve patients and to share his expertise with other teams of medical specialists. Dr. Hiatt served nine years as a member of the North Carolina State Board of Health, was the co-founder of the Davidson Club, President of the Medical Alumni Association, member of Duke Hospital Advisory Board, member of Duke University Athletic Council and the Medical Director of Manor Care Nursing Home and the Penick Home. Hiatt was also known for his dedication to his local church and to various community service organizations.

In 1952 Dr. Joseph Hiatt began his practice in the Sandhills, but it was not until 1964 that the facility on Page Road was opened for business. The core team of physicians included Dr. Hiatt, Dr. Don Wallace and Dr. Clay Daughtridge. By 1996 the number of physicians had tripled and the Pinehurst Medical Clinic opened its first addition to the building. Due to rapid growth and a need for additional space, the Clinic opened its second addition in 2000 to accommodate the Cardiology and Gastroenterology Departments. The Pinehurst Medical Clinic currently consists of over fifty Board Certified Physicians serving at nine different sites, conveniently located in Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen and Sanford.

In furtherance of its mission to provide the highest quality medical care to the Sandhills community, the Pinehurst Medical Clinic seeks to continually expand and improve the entire spectrum of services it provides. Central to this goal is an uncompromising commitment to attracting and retaining physicians whose medical training, clinical expertise and personal character are of the highest order. In so doing, we remain true to the proven traditions handed down to us by our founding physicians and their successors.