Pediatric Privacy Laws

Pinehurst Medical Clinic (PMC) follows state regulations regarding parent/guardian access to their children's health information. This includes proxy access to a patient's portal.

FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

FollowMyHealth has a function called Proxy access. This allows a parent/guardian to log into their personal FollowMyHealth account and then connect to the information regarding their children. There are access restrictions to FollowMyHealth when your child reaches age 12 unless your child grants you permission. These limitations do not affect any rights; you have to obtain a copy of your child’s health record.

For patients 0-11 years of age:

Because of the sensitive nature of medical information in a minor patient’s record, full access to FollowMyHealth will end when the minor child reaches the age of 12.

For patients between 12-17 years of age:

Once an adolescent turns 12, their parent/guardian will no longer have access to their FollowMyHealth account unless they are granted proxy access. If granted proxy, a parent/guardian will have full access to the adolescent's FollowMyHealth account from ages of 12-17. Patients ages 12 and older may activate their OWN access to FollowMyHealth, which will give them a personal login and full access to all aspects of their account.


For patients 18 years and older:

Parent/guardian access will expire when the minor turns 18 years of age. At age 18, the patient has full access to their FollowMyHealth account, and parents no longer have any access to the account. College students will find FollowMyHealth especially helpful to access their health records while away at college.

EMA Patient Portal

EMA is the electronic medical record (EMR) system Pinehurst Medical Clinic (PMC) Dermatology uses. EMA does not offer proxy access, and for PMC to remain compliant with the NC state law, parental access to EMA will be restricted once a patient turns 12. However, after age 12, the child can create their own EMA portal account at their next dermatology visit.